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Mitsubishi’s XL-F series offers an advanced beam, high-speed controls and heavy-duty motion for accurate processing in half the time. A PC-based, 64-bit NC control features a touch-screen user interface and full network capability. The processing area is easily accessible for quick setup and changes. The single platform Dianite cast machine frame provides stability for high-speed processing accuracy and a heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer boosts productivity. Comes with the Mitsubishi safety package that includes full side covers and automatic door for processing area.



6030 XL-F

Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm)

259.8 x 125.98 x 5.9 (1520 x 3200 x 150)

Workpiece Dimensions: W x D in (mm)

240.2 x 120.1 (6100 x 3050)

Available Resonators: (model number/wattage output)

F-40, F-60, F-80 (4Kw, 6Kw, 8Kw)

Motion Drive System Design

Precision rack & pinion

Processing Lens Focal Distance: in (mm)

4.0/8.0 (101.6/ 203.2)

4Kw zoom optional, 6Kw zoom standard

No. of control axes


Machine Structure

X/Y - Precision Rack & Pinion Z Precision Ball Screw

Travel Drive Method

X-Y-Z simultaneous 3-axis (Z-axis height control is also possible)

Table Pass Height: in (mm)

19.7 (500)

Pallet Changer


Rapid travel speed [X,Y]: in/min. (m/min.)

X=1968 (50), Y=3937 (100)

Rapid travel speed [Z]: in/min. (m/min.)

2560 (65)

Max. processing feedrate: in/min. (m/min.)

1181 (30)

Positioning Precision: in (mm)

0.0019/20 (0.05/500) X, Y axis, 0.0039/4 (0.01/100) Z-axis

Drive Motor Type

Intelligent AC Servo

Max. workpiece weight: lb (kg)

8200 (3720)

Installation Dimensions (W x D): in (mm)

319.5 x 477 (8115 x 12,115)

Machine Unit Dimensions (W x D x H): in (mm)

168.3 x 318.9 x 58.6 (4275x 8100 x 1489)

Machine System Weight: lb (kg)

20,300 (9208)

Floor Space Req. sq. ft. (m2)

1058 (98.3)


Self-contained PC NC



Display screen

15" TFT color LCD touch screen

Hard disk

20.0 GB

Generator output control

Output Power, Frequency, Duty

Generator operation control

Beam ON/OFF, laser gas change, etc.

Drive system

X,Y,Z simultaneous control

Position detection system


Min. command unit: in (mm)

0.0001 (0.001)

Program input system

USB, Computer Link, Eternet LAN


High speed, heavy-duty motion system. Reduces processing time as much as 50%. PC-based, 64-bit NC control has touch-screen user interface and full network capability Easy access to processing area. Makes setup and changes faster and easier. Ultra rigid, single platform Dianite cast machine frame. Provides the ultimate stability that ensures high-speed processing accuracy. Mitsubishi safety package. Includes full side covers and automatic door for processing area. Heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer maximizes throughput

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