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Mitsubishi and Nissan Tanaka join forces to bring you the Tanaka LMZV, the next evolution in laser cutting machines. Featuring a slim bevel torch block on a compact body and redesigned bevel control to suit multiple applications, this high-tech machine extends operating hours with ensuring consistent and reliable cutting power.


Model Effective cutting width: in (mm) Rail span: in (mm) Overall machine width: in (mm) All Specs and Images
25 2600 mm 4,000 / 4,300 mm 4930 mm View
30 3100 mm 4,500 / 4,800 mm 5430 mm View
35 3600 mm 5,000 / 5,300 mm 5930 mm View
40 4100 mm 5,500 / 5,800 mm 6330 mm View
45 4600 mm 6,000 / 6,500 mm 7030 mm View
50 5100 mm 6,500 / 7,000 mm 7730 mm View
55 View


The LMZV increased an effective cutting area, reduced the total processing time, has an energy-saving design, and maintains the cutting quality of the original TANAKA.


Saved the installation area! (Increased an effective cutting area)

  • Decrease the installation area by making the machine body to compact. Increase the effective cutting area by equipped with the renewed slim bevel torch block on the compact machine body. It is possible the effectively utilize of the installation space.

Reduced the total processing time

  • Redesigned the bevel position control (Angle, rotation), realized the bevel smooth movement without a loss. Also to reduce 30% of the time required until piercing start of the bevel cutting by carrying out fast lifting speed of the bevel torch. Allow to significantly reducing the total working time.

Energy saving design

  • Adopt the power regeneration system of returning the energy of deceleration motor to the power, or it is possible to reduce 10-15% power consumption compared with our ratio by the power reduction of the oscillator by the standby function. Further, reduces the running cost by reducing maintenance parts.

Cutting quality of the TANAKA original

  • Laser cutting machine is equipped with standard functions to control the burning (G.O.S function) at the time of cutting or reduction of melting scratch (witness mark reduction) which generated at the end portion of cutting. Also, shorten the piercing time, and reducing the burning of after piercing by the ultrahigh speed piercing function, and realized the cutting plate thickness of 32mm with the bevel torch of as is.

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