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Versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective, the state-of-the-art hybrid HVII-R features advances in processing technology, gas flow and beam quality while allowing for exceptional plate-processing performance. Its open table design provides greater accessibility while the large Z-axis stroke opens up multiple processing opportunities, from normal flat sheet to tube and preformed parts.


Model Machine Travels: X x Y x Z in (mm) Workpiece Dimensions: W x D in (mm) Available Resonators: (model number/wattage output) All Specs and Images
2512 HV2R 98.4 x 49.2 x 11.8 (2500 x 1250 x 300) 96 x 48 (2440 x 1220) 20XF, 32XP, 45CF-R View
3015 HV2R 122 x 61 x 11.8 (3100 x 1550 x 300) 120 x 60 (3050 x 1525) 20XF, 32XP, 45CF-R View


  • Advances in processing technology optimize gas flow and beam quality while allowing for exceptional plate processing performance
  • Mitsubishi's pioneering Super HP control redefines a hybrid's ability to produce accurate parts in thin, high-speed cutting applications
  • DR control combines real-time power ramping with acceleration or deceleration - dramatically reducing dross adhesion and thermal influences
  • MELS EYE Option: plasma detection, auto-focus, burn detection
  • Reduced setup times
  • Processing versatility for thin or thick work piece applications
  • Reduced de-burring of sheet metal applications
  • Intelligent Assist gas Monitoring, for fewer scrapped parts
  • Automatic Quick-Assist Gas Change function
  • Expanded part processing area reduces deadzone from clamping
  • High Precision Positioning option is available. This function can locate existing features within a part to cut additional features on the laser.
  • Double Cut function enables the ability to quickly add a vaporization function for low adhesion plastic covering or materials that have an oxide on the surface of the material.
  • Rotary axis is available.

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