Electric and Hybrid
A brake for every need precision / speed
Spark & Co. offers electric and hybrid A brakes for all your precision and speed needs. We have two types of electric press brakes: the BB series driven by an AC servo motor and ball screw mechanism, and the BH series, which uses an AC servo motor and ball screw drive plus hydraulics. The Dual Drive System of the BH series press brake separately controls high-speed up-and-down movement at 200mm/sec and stable repeat-stop accuracy.

Like the quick BB machines, the BH Hybrid ball screws reach 200mm/s far faster than a hydraulic valve machine, resulting in the most cycles per minute available. In addition, the Dual Drive System offers energy savings thanks to an assist device that stores the energy of down movement and returns it during ram-up movement. The ram floats on a gas cushion, thereby greatly diminishing the work against gravity to rapidly raise the ram to the start of stroke. High-speed movement with an electric motor and ball screw drive will make your machine more stable and offer high repeatability and accuracy.

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