A world of EDM and Laser Cutting experience

As part of the global Mitsubishi Corporation, MC

Mitsubishi Corporation, a world of EDM and Laser Cutting experience. As part of the global Mitsubishi Corporation, MC Machinery Systems, Inc. draws from an extensive global source of support and innovation. Mitsubishi Corporation employs more than 60,000 people around the world across a wide spectrum of industries including machine tools and top-of-the-line controls, automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, elevator, energy, metals, chemical, food and textiles.

This diversity, strength and stability trickles down to MC Machinery Systems, Inc. customers who benefit from Mitsubishi’s massive global R&D efforts and widespread knowledge base. Spark & Co. is proud to offer a range of CNC equipment that includes CNC Wire and Sinker EDM, EDM Drill, 3-5 axis milling machines, CO2 and Fibre laser and press brakes. Mitsubishi is also heavily involved in the new additive manufacturing process and offers the LUMEX Avance-25 hybrid laser sintering/CNC milling machine in partnership with Matsuura. Mitsubishi CNC: the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Full line of fabrication equipment such as waterjet, additive, EDM machines, laser, press brakes, milling & turning and shaping & finishing.

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