4900 Ambroise-Lafortune
Boisbriand, Quebec, J7H 1S6

Equipped with a 90-liter powder tank and an integrated ultrasonic powder sieve sleeve, the PSV features fully automatic powder transport via vacuum technology using three independent conveying routes. Powder transport, powder sieving and the storage of the powder take place in a closed system with inert gas atmosphere. Contactless powder handling ensures maximum safety at work.

1- PSV Conveying Route - Feed

Metal powder is sieved through an integrated ultrasonic sieve before it is fed into the process to ensure that no oversized particles or foreign objects find their way into the SLM® process.

2-PSV Conveying Route - Recirculation

The second conveying route returns the excess metal powder from the conversion shafts to the PSV.

3. PSV Conveying Route - Recovery

Unpacking of built parts and recovery of the unfused powder is done inside the process chamber of the SLM®280 or in the PRS 500 respectively. In the latter case, a new production process can already be started during this step on the SLM®500 whereby the powder supply to the SLM® machine is then prioritized.