Dener press brake

CNC hydraulic press brakes from DENER are designed to provide affordable precision, speed and durability for years of solid performance. The Elite XL Series features a synchronized Y1, Y2 ram and X, R motorized back gauge plus a 15-inch colour Windows touchscreen CNC control with 2D graphics. XL means extra standard features such as ram stroke, back gauge reach, and open height. A variety of additional equipment and axes are available as an option.

The Smart XL features the same frame sizes and hydraulics as the XL but with a simpler Y1, Y2, X configuration and 4-axis control. Great performance and a focus on more economical basic forming needs make the Smart XL series of Dener CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes a popular choice among users. What’s more, Dener Smart machines offer more advanced features than the competition, with a strong and complete mono block welded frame, longer stroke and longer distance between frames, deeper throat depth and a higher working table.

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